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HTML5 responsive site builder

Roles: UX Researcher and Presentation Designer

Wix is a go-to site builders for creatives. The service started in 2006 as a Flash-based site builder, then later switched to HTML. They also expanded their US operations in 2010, and I was one of the original seven employees in our San Francisco office.  


Designer/Owner Analysis

We talked to designers and owners that built sites using Wix professionally on a daily basis. Our interviews focused on designers and owners that experienced blockers in the site builder at an expert level. We found pain points fell into a the following categories.

  • Editor onboarding was confusing

  • Application issues

  • Help articles were not as clear as they could be


The Need

Keeping editor and site building cohesive and usable can be a large task. The editor is updated all the time to offer more functionality for different types of designers and owners.


The site builder is robust and managed by many different departments. My team and I took a deeper dive into the service and site. We addressed user satisfaction with the HTML5 builder and help articles.

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Agent flow

We researched designer needs. In hindsight, this fit into an affinity map. We the defined steps the agent took to address help the designer in the site builder. 


Presentation and training

I built training for agents to support designers. Once we zoomed out and mapped the flow of how a designer finds blockers we can see that agents can report along the following paths.

  • Editor onboarding issues

  • Customer Care

  • Is something actually broken?

  • Help article clarity


Team building

I built out a flow that impacted the site builder as a whole, and created the VIPers team. We focused on locating issues and reporting them to the right teams. We tracked the impact using Jira and Tableau. I designed the deck and presented it to set goals for 25 agents in San Francisco, Miami and Boulder. (10).gif
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Sharing the "why" of our mission was an important part of the discussion. That way all of us understood the designers we are helping.

After my presentation, agents used the new skill set at all 3 locations. Slack helped us stay in touch a share our findings of new issues and product updates.



I created a companion knowledge base that was shared with our international teams to ensure our resources were kept up to date. The lines of communication were opened across our teams. 

Within the first 2 weeks we found the following:

  • 37% rise in designer satisfaction

  • 12 broken parts of the editor were located

  • 9 articles were updated

  • 1 onboarding flow was fixed