About the artist.

Eric is originally from Chicago and moved to San Francisco in 2006. He quickly settled in the art community of Hayes Valley. His media of choice include sumi, gouache, brushes, and paper.


Finding less is more, Eric uses a minimal color palette for his hand painted spirit animals. Highlights are created by allowing the paper to peek through the piece.


There is a sense mischief and humor behind the wild eyes he paints. Using leather jackets and humanistic traits, it's easy to see yourself in many of Eric's creations. 


Live stocklist of available original paintings is updated daily here 

What the FAQ?

How long till my custom jacket arrives?

Jackets typcally take 4-6 weeks to complete after we agree on a design. Delivery is up to 2-3 weeks.

Do you have any other jacket sizes?

Since each jacket is custom painted, I ask that you ship your jacket to me. That way it will fit as expected.

How long is shipping for non custom orders?

Delivery is about 2-3 weeks depending on your location.

Do you have a CV of your past art shows?

I though you'd never ask! The entire list of my past shows can be found here

Where can I see a list of your available originals?

A list of my availble work is updated daily on my instagram.

Are you for hire?

Please email me at hi@ericbroers.com. I am always interested in hearing your ideas.

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