Who knew?


"The key is to stay open. Stay curious about what is and what can be"

For the past decade, I was a part of the original team that launched the frontline of Wix.com support. It's a site builder that serves creatives. Helping our customers get their websites completed was fascinating and fun. I didn't discover till later that I was performing UX research. I've added my full case study here.

I’ve worked with restaurants and bands as well as creating my own art. If a Wix help article was not clear for me, or hard to find, I knew that it wouldn’t be clear to our customers either. As a designer myself, I could totally empathize with our customers.

After several years reporting these issues to our product and engineering teams, I found myself wanting to play a bigger role as a designer of solutions.

I’ve always been a creative entrepreneur, and I love working and collaborating with a team. I find something new along the way. UX design has taught me how satisfying it can be to listen to and learn from our users, and use these insights to come up with new, easier, faster and better ways to get things done.

Want to know more about where I’ve been and where I’m going? Here’s my resume and here are some of my recent projects, or drop me a line.