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Candidly Connecting 

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Candidly Connecting

Youth diversity service

Roles: UX Designer & Researcher 

Candidly Connecting teaches children the importance of other cultures and inclusion. Instructors give training through videos and podcasts to create a safe place for these conversations.


Candidly Connecting also teaches storytelling that resonates with children and plays a role in building inclusive communities and homes.


From research, and visual design, I was able to take a look into the problem to suggest a solution to get this service out to more parents. 

I was asked to identify any pain points with the Candidly Connecting website and provide suggestions to improve the usability of this service.

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Heuristic analysis

Service has a wonderful mission and a lot to offer.

The design of the website Is clean, efficient and easy to read.


  • The mission statement is hidden in the video.

  • Discovering the services and goals of the organization is unclear on the About Page.

During my study with a medical professional in the Bay Area, the video was discovered but not until the end of the visit to the site. The home page does not as of now have a call to action to scroll down the page to learn more.





5 total participants in technology, teaching and healthcare.

  • 2 Women 

  • 3 Men

  • Ages 40’s-80’s

  • 100% with children

  • 100% on laptops

  • 1 of 5 people interviewed watched the founder video.

  • Mission statement in site wording not as direct as it could be.

  • 5 out of 5 where not clear on exactly what the site offered.

  • Enjoyment was at its highest once the founders’ information was discovered in the mission statement video.

Founder video

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“We need to start talking to our kids about difference, inclusion and justice. We can normalize these conversations in the same way we talk about safety.”

-Khalilah Lyons,


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After scrolling down

Visiting the homepage

  1.  Video takes up the entire screen.

  2. There is not a call to action for scrolling down.

  1. The founder video is the next section on the page.

  2. After watching the video, the mission and services are much more clear.


Meet Jo Jung Park, our persona.

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Jo Jung's journey

She is excited about the services that Candidly Connected provides. She has a young son and wants nothing more than to make sure that he grows up with the skills he needs to navigate the current state of the world and his neighborhood. He has been bullied and wants to talk to him about it. She is not clear on what the site offers, wants to learn more details on the service.

Journey Map

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Suggested changes

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The service has a powerful mission statement and is an essential equality service.

Adding script from the founder video into the home page will make all this more clear.

Making the founder video the first thing seen when the site opens will also give a more direct view on the services and what the site offers.


The solution is to make the homepage more direct.