B8ta murals

This public works project includes 6 murals for B8ta, in San Francisco, California. Ranging from 8 to 20 feet, I learned a lot about painting at a large scale. All the spirit animals are hand painted in acrylic on wood. Spending a month out there from start to finish, the other benefit was getting to know my neighbors. Now I am looking to build other bridges to walls. If you know any spots in your neighborhood, drop me a line, I have all the stuff.

Forest for the Trees | 20FT x 9FT on Laguna & Hayes

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot is 17FTx8FT on Laguna and Hayes St.

Owl be with you shortly is 8FTx 8FT on Laguna and Hayes St.

BAM BOO is 15FTx10FT on Laguna and Hayes in San Francisco

Resting Bear Face is 8FTx15FT on Hayes and Laguna

Below is a video tour of the building on Laguna and Hayes St in San Francisco. (Best with sound on)